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wellharkather's Journal

About me: Artist, storyteller (but not story writer), jacqueline-of-all-trades. Perpetually unemployed. i spend most of my time knitting (leg-warmers at the moment), painting (semi-professionally, in acrylics, some examples here), sketching, shouting at people who are wrong on the internet, shouting at people who are wrong in the government, baking, cleaning (the house, other peoples' houses, but sadly never my bedroom), reading, coming up with extravagantly detailed plots for fanfics that i will never write, and volunteering.

i care deeply about: feminism, technology, disabilities (mental, physical & emotional), art for art's sake, punctuation and language, human sexuality, cryptozoology, gaming, socialism, fiction, fandom, and many other things besides.

Half-arsed fanfic writer, full-time fanfic reader, queen of plot ideas that will never be written. The multi-ist of multi-shippers. Casually in four million fandoms.

British, Northern. Extra Northern on account of living in London.
Lots of Welsh family. Lots of family in general. Only one blood relative currently on lj, my baby sister - harem_ent

The Arnold Rimmer to my Dave Lister is vonquixote (More likely found at Game Over)

In the bunkroom down the hall: aralias, x_los and Sasa, the feline reincarnation of Kerr Avon.

i had another username once, but have since regenerated.